About authors

Yulia Semonova

creator of the project

I am 27 years old. I live in Simferopol (Crimea). When communicating, regardless of age prefer to be called simply Julia – I do not like over-officious.

I studied at secondary school and graduated with honors. Graduated from Faculty of Economics Taurian National University. Vernadsky. Now get a second degree at the University of V.A.Suhomlinskogo at the Faculty of Physical Education, as agreed to link their lives to the sport.

My acquaintance with chess began with the birth because I was born in a family where all the chess playing. My dad’s chess coach with years of experience, trained a lot of high-level athletes. And in this I was very lucky, because I easily could know all the details of the chess world at first hand.

Throughout his life, my attitude towards chess sport has changed. Initially, I had chess for fun, but when in 2005 I started working in chess and checkers school, then became a different way to look at this game. All connected with the fact that I had the opportunity to compare the level of development of children involved in chess or checkers, and those children who do not. When the difference was obvious to me, I involuntarily began to compare themselves and their peers at school and university.

The difference is this: I have a great memory and I remember the information much faster than my peers. Despite the fact that my parents sent me to school a year early, I’m not only not inferior to their classmates, but also learned better than many of them. I remember that the school did not understand why it is so difficult for others to learn or memorize a poem normal read from the first paragraph?

It’s not all. We had a game with my dad: regardless of the level of the opponent, I had to sit at the chessboard about 3 hours. Even in the case of a loss as I was praised for the victory. Not an easy task, especially for a child! But how is this reflected in school and later in life … I can perform the required work for me without interruption, even if a day. In school and college years developed during training perseverance, stamina and desire to finish the job I was very handy.

The funny thing is that for a long time, I did not understand what all this is possible thanks to chess …

Can cause a lot more such examples, which, in fact, do it, but in their articles. With the opening of the site we started asking questions like: Why do you need? You have nothing else to do? What is with this sense? What are the benefits? Especially for those people and all those who have similar questions arise, I answer.

There are millions of people willing to pay thousands of dollars to watch the concert of a famous artist, go to a football match or a fight Klitschko brothers. Why do they need? What are the benefits of what they spend money and time? Answer me these questions, and I’ll answer yours.

Ava Suleimanova

project partner

The FIDE titles:

-Women’s international Grandmaster: July 2010

-Women’s international master: 2002

-The national master of Ukraine: 2004

Education and qualifications

-Crimean State Engineer-Pedagogical University, faculty of pedagogy – 2000-2004.

-Nikolaev Pedagogical University named Sukhomlinsky, faculty of pedagogy and psychology – 2004-2005

-Training of the all-Ukrainian seminar for coaches – Zaporozhye, December 2010

The development of chess career

-Beginning of his chess career at the age of six, under the leadership of the father of chess trainer.

At the age of 10-16 was the winner of the championship of the South of Russia among girls and remained among the top ten Russian girls in their age groups.

At the age of 17 years became the champion of Krasnodar region among women has gone down in the history of this region of Russia, as the youngest champion in chess.

From 18-28 years old, moved to Simferopol and performed in different leagues under the flag of Ukraine. During this time became a champion of Crimea among girls and women, competed in individual and team Championships of Ukraine and international tournaments, showing high results and stable game.

-Currently lives in the United Arab Emirates.

The victory in the tournament (recent years)

-1-2 places in the Third Sharjah International Cup among women – July 2012. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

-1 prize Abu Dhabi Cup of the National day of the country – December 2011 – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

-2 prize in the 19th Tournament in honor of Prince Mohammad – October 2011 – Amman, Jordan

-1 female prize at the International Dubai open-tournament of rapid chess – November 2011, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

-1 prize in Sharjah International Cup among women – August 2010 – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

-1 female prize in Sharjah International Cup open, active chess – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

-2 prize Memorial Florencio of Campomanes, master tournament – may 2010 – Ankara, Turkey

Experience as a trainer chess

During his chess career, in addition to speaking at chess competitions, collaborated with several sport institutions, as the trainer-teacher of chess.

-2002 -2003 led student group in the Crimean engineering and pedagogical University

-2009-2010 Nikolaev chess school

-2009-2010 Crimean Republican out-of-school educational institution “Children-youth chess and checkers sports school”

-2002-2010 Teaching chess, as a private coach, players of different levels.

Personal look at the idea of the site

During the work of the coach, I realized that this is an exciting and responsible process, where you don’t just give knowledge to their wards, but also direct their energy, raise motivation, affecting psychologically, and are a living example, as in a chess sport and in life! In this regard, the trainer-teacher of chess, multifaceted area of responsibility, and the result will depend not only on the level of your professionalism, but also on the personality of the trainer.

Therefore, the best example for the players is growing coach, as a player and as a person, as a result, we get not only the medals and titles, but something more important, a complete personality, which was equal to you and turned into a beautiful Swan, in all senses of the word!

This site will help to look at the world of chess with different sides and I see this as a deep meaning and relevance, as see, a little detached attitude of most players, from what is happening outside the chessboard…

I hope that you will find here a lot of useful and interesting information for yourself!