About web-club

 What is a chess and draughts web-club Fenix-64?


Fenix -64 – is a virtual club that brings together people with common interest in chess or checkers game. In our community there are real professionals chess checkers or art, is held and the young athletes, as well as those who have just started dating these games.


Fenix -64 is a huge, regularly updated database of free chess and drafts of the material subject, which brings together articles, books, software, video courses, etc., thanks to which you yourself will learn and be able to consistently improve their playing skills, acquiring the necessary competencies at the higher game levels.


Web-museum Fenix -64 – this is the first interactive web-museum of chess and checkers inventory. Chessmen and drafts pieces are an excellent tool for the implementation of the creative imagination of designers. In our web-museum you will see that the decoration and styling can be so unexpected, that chess and checkers are not gaming attributes and works of art.


Fenix -64 – is an educational club, which aims to provide chess and checkers as a method of education, training strategy and the development of creative abilities in children. Join us and together we can help the younger generation to become a genius, able to develop our society and make it more civilized, harmonious and comfortable for life.

For anyone running web-club?

Who are you, our dear visitor?

For us, it is important to know this. Because it’s always interesting to chat with like-minded people, to speak the same language with those who share your interests, who also focused on success, and for whom chess or checkers game is not senile, and effective way to self-development or self-realization.

Web-club is open to anyone who knows or wants to learn the true meaning of “Chess” and “Draughts”. We are open for fans and admirers of intellectual game, for the curious and inquisitive, for those who have played or still studying, for professionals and real Maestro chess or draughts.

zvezda_звезда The mission of web-club:

 With the help of chess and checkers, we help everyone to develop the skills of your mind and become a master of his own mind.

How to be an active member of the web-team?

“Who owns the information, controls the situation” – a great idea, right?

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